We are enabling a shift towards digital supply chains

Founded in 2017, Intrepid Automation is on a mission to apply new manufacturing methods and technologies to disrupt traditional supply chains and realize significant cost and time savings for customers. The ability to have just-in-time manufacturing and full end-to-end digital connectivity supporting auditability/traceability of manufactured components allows customers to not only reduce time-to-market but also enables the growth of an optimized supply chain.

Our North Star

Intrepid Automation is the essential additive manufacturing and automation service provider offering full end-to-end integration of highly optimized 3D printing technology and downstream automation in supply chains for customers looking to modernize their manufacturing processes and harness the power of data (for compliance, governance, security, visibility, auditability, and traceability) as part of their ongoing digital transformations.


Tens of parts

Intrepid's team delivers value in the R&D process enabling new design freedom for prototypes with rapid interations.


Thousands of parts

Intrepid stays with you after designs are developed enabling a seamless progression from the prototype to production phase


Millions of parts

Intrepid's scalable manufacturing assets enable us to grow with you. Price elasticity and large volumes are for the first time available with additive thanks to foundational INTREPID processes and technologies.

Our Technologies

Intrepid Automation participates in the manufacturing industry. We make a distinct differentiation here: we are not a company that sells 3D printers (“we are not a 3D printer company”); we are a company that leverages 3D printing - also known as additive manufacturing.

A complex and cross domain set of innovations have been developed and patented to unlock true, repeatable, auditable production through the application of 3D printing to industrial manufacturing.

Materials Development

Antimony-free Investment Casting materials with 0.0064% residual ash content enabling wax-like flow through foundries.

Tough Elastomers with 100% recovery for new consumer goods applications.

Tough and Durable Plastic materials for final part production.

New 3D Printing Technolgy

Parts in minutes not hours or days.

No part to part variations print to print, or printer to printer. Scale you can trust.

Parts require no post processing and are ready to use.

Automation and Robotics

No manual steps from software onramp through printing to post-processing and metrology.

No potential variations introduced by humans in a complex process.

Continuous production with less overhead. Unlocking price elasticity.

This enables lights out production lights-out, 24/7, 365 days a year.

IIOT and Industry 4.0

Intrepid's IIOT framework enables auditability and traceability internally, but through the Intrepid Element™ enable downstream processes to benefit too.

Closed-Loop manufacturing processes enable the elimination of part to part variations.

Predictive failure analysis and process step optimization unlock dynamic workflows and supply chain optimizations. This enables faster time to market and more compressed development cycles to be realized.

Meet Our Team

Ben Wynne

Obcessed with driving 3D printing from prototype to production.

Chris Tanner

A proven R&D leader driving innovation to meet new customer needs.

Jamie Etcheson
VP Software

An IOT Pioneer responsible for Intrepid's Software Solutions and factory control solutions

Ivan Chousal
VP Electrical Systems & IP

Proven track record developing solutions from consumer to military in the electronics and industrial controls space and building IP portfolios around programs.

Rob Mueller
VP Manufacutring Operations

Experienced running cross geography projects requiring unique cabailities in the Optics & DLP projection space.

Keith Orlebeck
Director of Business Development

Experienced quality and technical sales lead having sold over $500 Million of sales while at Motorola.

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